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Buy Here Pay Here: Lawrence (KS)

Getting a car loan is often challenging, or even annoying, especially in this economy. Have you tried a dealership that approves car loans on site? They won’t immediately turn you away due to a bad credit score.

While a normal dealer will have you pick your vehicle first, then brings up financing, in house financing dealerships are the exact opposite.

Recommended Monthly Payments: Lawrence (KS)

How much should you commit to monthly payments? Not more than ten percent of the total you make per month. Lawrence consumers pull down $2,672 a month, which means recommended average payments of $267. Investing any more than 10% will put you in danger of having your vehicle repossessed, which would really destroy your credit.

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Some buy here pay here car lots approve credit on the web. We have a wide range of partnerships with dealerships that are able to approve you for financing right now!

Approval Criteria

The large majority of dealerships that finance bad credit in Lawrence, KS will want you to have a monthly income in excess of $1500, along with an advance payment of some kind.