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In today’s market, a great number of applicants are being rejected by financial institutions and car dealerships. No problem. There are other ways to get a car loan. You can head over to one of several buy here pay here dealerships in El Dorado, KS. They won’t automatically turn you away due to less-than-perfect credit.

They take a look at your income and finances to establish the cars for which you are eligible.

El Dorado Buy Here Pay Here Income Factors

By and large, experts recommend spending no more than 1/10th of your monthly wages for your car payment.

  • Average El Dorado Wages: $35,213 Each year
  • Avg. Monthly Wages in El Dorado: $2,934
  • Max Suggested Auto Payment: $293

The last thing you want to do is wreck your credit even worse, so abide by your spending budget.

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Pre-approval streamlines the financing process. Our service are able to help you find a dealer who can offer you a car loan…today! The large majority of bad credit car dealers in El Dorado, KS will need:

  • Proof of Income
  • Advance Payment
  • Drivers KS License
  • Proof of Residence

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