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Many shoppers with poor credit are convinced they have no hope for financing a car, truck, or SUV and that their only option is to get a banged-up, high mileage vehicle. Buy here pay here car lots in Larned, KS, are a real replacement for bank loans. These dealerships can extend auto loans when regular loan merchants can’t.

While an old-fashioned dealership prefers that you choose your car or truck before discussing your finance package, in house financing auto dealers in Larned, KS are the opposite.

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What percentage of your monthly budget ought you to devote to monthly installments? Just one tenth of the total you take home monthly. When you bring in $34,180 annually, for example, this translates to $285 a month. Investing any more than this amount will place you in danger of failing to make payments, which would really kill your credit.

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Many BHPH dealers in Larned, KS pre-approve applications via the web. Here at Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in KS, we can support you in finding a car dealer who’ll provide you with an auto loan today. For the most part bad credit car dealers in Larned, KS will want you to have the following:

  • Proof of Wages
  • Down Payment
  • Driver’s KS License
  • Proof of Employment